Comfort Meets Fashion with Clothing for Cancer Patients That’s Stylish Yet Purposeful

At Wrapped in Love we spend time with patients and nurses to learn what fabrics, styles and designs are most appropriate prior to creating our designs. Our clothing is designed to provide comfort, style and dignity for the patient, while providing appropriate access for treatment by doctors and nurses.

Whether your friend or loved one has cancer or you’re having treatment  yourself, when it comes to finding the perfect clothes to wear that are purposeful yet stylish can be challenging.  At Wrapped in Love we spend time with patients and nurses to learn what fabrics, styles and designs are most appropriate prior to creating our designs.  Our clothing is designed to provide comfort, style and dignity for the patient, while providing  appropriate access for treatment by doctors and nurses.

That’s why we design clothes for chemo patients that help them feel not just comfortable but attractive too. Many of our customers opt to individually buy one or two gifts for their friends and loved ones, but what makes Wrapped in Love different is that we can confidently say we can create full outfits women will feel stylish in, whether they’re going out for a walk or heading to their next chemo appointment (and don’t want to feel like they’re wearing their pajamas!).

Our wide range of comfy chemo clothes includes warm yet lightweight knit and fleece shawls that are easy to slip on, even with limited mobility, vibrant kimonos that are lightweight, stylish and a simple accessory that can be worn over a tank top or camisole, and take you from a doctors appointment to a lunch out with friends.  Our post-mastectomy clothing features four drain pouches that are attached within the garment by velcro so that the jackets can be worn well after treatment is over.  All of our clothing is designed to be chemo port accessible and picc line accessible.  And many of of our items can be mixed and matched if you are looking to create a great look from head to toe.

What Our Customers Say

Reading reviews from our customers is one of the things we love most about what we do. From friends, loved ones, and caregivers, to cancer patients buying a gift for themselves, or for the nurses and doctors who treated them, here’s what some of our customers have to say.

Cute & Comfortable

Cute, comfortable and well made cap! Highly recommend!



Excellent! Beautiful! Thank you. Seventh time Cancer surviving mother loves it.

Great experience overall

Packing is beautiful and the socks are soft and as pictured! I contacted seller with a question and she promptly responded and was so kind during the entire interaction. Great experience overall with this product and business!


One of My Favorites

The Kimono is one of my Wrapped in Love favorites. It’s stylish, lightweight and perfect for chemo. There are even hats that match. (Love that!)


Our Core Values

Behind every Wrapped in Love creation is a whole lot of care and core values that we never compromise on.

Having cancer doesn’t mean giving up your sense of style.

Many clothes designed for cancer patients and those having chemotherapy are practical, but they’re not stylish. From featuring vibrant colorways and bold animal prints to timeless designs, our range is perfect for pre, post, and current cancer patients looking to showcase their personality, despite their illness.  Almost every design features our signature flower to represent Karen’s mom’s love of gardening and flowers.

Chemo clothes should be designed with the patient in mind — but still be practical for healthcare workers.

We don’t just design chemo clothes we think will be comfortable and make your loved one feel good — we make sure they do! During many focus groups, we’ve found out what cancer patients want from clothing so that they feel at ease and dignified, as well as how the right clothes can help nurses to administer treatment in a minimally intrusive way. Our kimonos, knit and fleece shoulder wraps, PICC line sleeves, and more are all easily chemo port accessible. We believe that patients having chemotherapy shouldn’t struggle to find clothes suitable for treatment — but to have a wardrobe full and be spoiled for choice!


Made in the USA with love because you deserve the best.

 We think it’s worth it so that you know exactly where our clothing and accessories have come from, and that we’ve given our seal of approval on each accessory, headscarf, kimono, and every other piece of clothing that we sell.

Fighting Cancer with Dignity and in Style: The Blog

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