The Inspiration

My name is Karen and I am the founder of Wrapped in Love.

My mom and I have always been very close. Over the years she had become very ill and was admitted into the hospital a few days before Christmas. The only gift I wanted that year was to celebrate one last Christmas with my mom.

Clothing for Women with Cancer

I was granted my gift and I brought her a beautiful wrap she could put over her patient gown so she could feel special and festive on Christmas Day. All the wonderful nurses commented on how beautiful and lively she looked as she felt dressed up for the holiday.

My gift was short lived as she passed away a few days later. The memories of the pure joy on her face that I cared enough to dress her up and make her feel special during the holidays in a hospital bed are ones I will never forget.

My mom was the inspiration for my creation called Wrapped in Love, a lightweight, fashionable cover up wrap, that can go over a patient gown to make someone feel special during a challenging time. It comes in a variety of styles and cheerful colors with matching head wraps and scarves. Perfect gifts for women with cancer.

It is my hope that someone else will be given this gift and cherish the memories I have.