New Wrapped in Love ™ Fashion Accessories Provide Warmth, Beauty and Dignity

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI., FEBRUARY 25, 2015 – Karen Mac Donald is proud to
announce the launch of her brand called Wrapped in Love ™Fashion Accessories Provide Warmth, Beauty and Dignity.

Mac Donald, a Michigan native decided to start this new and exciting project inspired by her
own personal story. “I founded Wrapped in Love ™ because everyone desires to
feel loved. Wrapped in Love ™ was born out of my experience with my mom
when she was in the hospital before she passed away,” says Karen Mac Donald.
“It was the holiday season, and my mom didn’t want any visitors as she felt she
looked bad in her state of illness. I felt helpless and wanted to cheer her up. I
decided to make her a wrap to put around her patient gown with a flower pin to
make her feel special. The nurses said she seemed to light up with her beautiful
wrap on, hiding the gown that reminded her of her illness — even for just a bit.
I wanted to help others express their sentiments for any occasion, especially
when someone dear in their life is receiving medical treatment.”

The new fashion accessory line consists of two styles available in cheerful
colors. Each wrap also includes a flower pin, “just like the one I put on my
mom,” says Mac Donald. The design was also created with patients in mind. It
is sleeveless to allow medical staff easy access to the patient when delivering
care. The washable fabrics have been carefully selected to provide warmth
along with style. Matching head wraps and infinity scarves are also available, all
with a distinctive flower pin. The signature Wrapped in Love ™ logo is visibly
prominent on every garment.

The Wrapped in Love ™ accessory line is made 100% in the United States.
“Lansing, Michigan, to be exact, the location of my college alma mater,”
declares Mac Donald. “I am pleased to manufacture Wrapped in Love ™ in my
home state of Michigan.” You can share your love by purchasing online at The line will also appear later this year in boutiques
and hospital gift shops around the country. A portion of the proceeds will go to
support the important work of many charities, beginning with Hospice of