Finding the perfect gift for someone can be challenging at times. Do you buy something they NEED or something they WANT? How much should you spend? Now, try buying a gift for someone who was recently diagnosed with cancer, is in treatment for cancer or recovering from surgery. This can be overwhelming as you desperately search for the perfect gift, however, we can help!

A quick background story…
My mom and I had always been very close. Over the years she had become ill and was admitted into the hospital a few days before Christmas. The only gift I wanted that year was to celebrate one last Christmas with my mom and give her comfort and dignity.

I brought her a beautiful wrap she could put over her patient gown so she could feel special and festive on Christmas day. All the wonderful nurses commented on how beautiful she looked and how it gave her dignity as she felt dressed up for the holiday.

My gift was short lived as she passed away a short time later. The memories of the smile on her face that I cared enough to dress her up and make her feel special during the holidays in a hospital bed are ones I will never forget.

Wrapped in Love is a line of clothing and accessories I design for women with cancer, in treatment for cancer, are ill or convalescing, to provide comfort, dignity and style, despite illness. We have everything you need to tell that special someone you are there for them. In fact, we have put together a few shopping gift lists to help select the right gift for them:


Hopefully your loved one is on the road to recovery. Guests might be stopping by to say hello and give some support. Gifts we recommend:

Fleece WrapsShop Now
Our fleece wraps are warm, comfortable, stylish, and easy to put on as you simply wrap it around your shoulders and tuck it in front. It’s easy to throw on over anything and look effortlessly great. One size fits most. It’s washable and comes in beige, black, coral, fuchsia and leopard.

Lightweight Colorful KimonosShop Now
Our lightweight kimonos are also a great coverup that is easy to wear and looks stylish. It comes in a variety of patterns and will be something that can be worn well beyond recovery.

Sassy Saying Socks for Women AND MenShop Now
Sassy Saying inspirational socks are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face with fun sayings at the bottom of each sock.


This person might be feeling ill or not themselves. A gift that makes them comfortable or is easy to wear is key here. Gifts we recommend:

French Terry Cover UpShop Now
The oversized french terry cover up is like a comfy robe, yet it’s a jacket that zips up and can be worn with or without anything underneath it. It’s available in periwinkle and teal with a detachable flower pin. One size fits most. This style is also available with drain pockets.

Knit Twist Front WrapShop Now
A new twist to the traditional wrap is just that! Our new black knit twist front wrap slips over the head and rests over the shoulders. It’s comfortable, cozy and very stylish over a camisole or tank.

Cooling Neck WrapShop Now
While some people are cold, others may be warm and running a fever. The cooling neck wrap is a simple solution to get some relief. Simply run it under cool water for a couple of minutes, wring it out, and it can be worn around the neck or across the temple. It will provide relief for a couple of hours, and then you can repeat the process again.


You might live far away from this person or maybe they are spending the holidays in the hospital with limited allowed visitors (some hospitals do this to cut down on the spread of the flu). Gifts we recommend:

Knit ShawlsShop Now
The knit shawls are warm, yet lightweight, comfortable and stylish. Wrap it over your patient gown, pj’s, camisole, or top. It comes with a matching scrunchy which creates a rosette closure. Available in two styles in black, grape or teal.

Fleece BlanketShop Now
A warm fleece blanket is something you can’t go wrong with when someone is ill. Our blankets come in coral and fuchsia. They look pretty whether they are rolled up with a detachable pin or rolled out keeping someone warm and comfy.


A recent cancer diagnosis or other medical emergencies are tough for people during the holidays. The common questions “What do I say?” or “What do I do?” make some people uncomfortable. Showing your support is the best way to handle this! Gifts we recommend:

Shoulder Wraps and PonchosShop Now
Our wraps and ponchos are all chemo port accessible as well as picc line accessible. Easy and comfortable to wear during and after treatment.

Picc Line SleevesShop Now
Speaking of picc lines, we offer a variety of picc line sleeves that are a fashionable way to cover the picc line. Available in a variety of sizes and colors with a signature rosette. The fabric is antibacterial and provides wicking.

French Terry Cover-UpsShop Now
Our french terry cover-ups are oversized and comfy following treatment or surgery. They are also available with detachable drain pockets.

HeadWrapsShop Now
Our headwear for hair loss is available in a variety of styles (tie-back or pull on cap) and colors. We conduct focus groups with cancer patients and survivors prior to production to ensure that the fabrics we select are soft enough for their needs. We also offer lightweight, breathable sleep caps as well.

Sassy Saying Socks for Women AND MenShop Now
Sassy saying socks are warm, cozy and inspirational – from # Strong, to Queen Courageous, to Bold Beautiful, and Tough Cookie.

Still need help? Please contact us at We are happy to put together a custom gift package with items this person will love!