Wrapped in Love Features Cancer Treatment Clothing that is Designed with Input from Patients, to be Purposeful and Pretty

At Wrapped in Love, our products are designed with the input we gather from patients, survivors, nurses and doctors. Using focus groups, we create new products and let these audiences give us their feedback, as they are the ones who will be wearing them or administering treatment to those wearing them.

Over the years, we have learned a lot about our products and our wonderful customers. We ensure that the fabrics are soft, comfortable AND washable and that the designs are condusive to the needs of the
patient and the healthcare professional.  We have learned that women are looking for an accessory to easily put on over a patient gown or pajamas if they are getting visitors, that looks good, is roomy, comfortable and maintains their fashion-sense and dignity.  They are looking for something that is also easy to put on with limited mobility over a tank top or camisole, to go for treatment, or out and about.  Simple, yet stylish.  Pretty enough for anyone to wear but created with the patient in mind.  They are designed to also provide easy access to healthcare professionals when treatment such as chemotherapy needs to be administered.

We have designed shoulder wraps, kimonos, roomy cover-ups with drain pouches, and ponchos.  All can easily be put on, even with limited mobility.  The fabrics are soft and warm such as fleece, french terry
and knits, as well as lightweight kimonos which are fashionable but cool for those experiencing hot flashes.  The wraps are simple yet stylish with a simple tuck closure.  The kimonos and knit wraps can be worn open or closed (with a scrunchy that creates a rosette closure).  Our wraps, ponchos and kimonos are also designed to be clothing that is comfortable and non-constricting for those with lymphedema.  And many of our items come with a coordinating, signature flower pin.

Many women also seek items that can easily be coordinated with other accessories they may need.  Many of our non-medical grade face masks, chemo hats, picc line sleeves and inspirational socks are designed with patterns that coordinate with our wraps, kimonos and ponchos from head to toe.  It’s all about feeling confident and fashionable, despite illness.  Our headwear is available in both tie-back and slip-on styles, with comfy fabric in a multitude of colors, all with our signature rosette.

We are constantly developing new items based upon feedback from our customers.  If you have something you would like us to consider developing for your needs, we would love to hear from you at
info@wrappedinlove.com. We are also proud to say our items are made in the USA.